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Many retail experts are reopening their stores around the globe as we speak. Everyone is contemplating joining them, even you. But how do you make sure you’re doing it right? Are you prepared for such a task? If any of these questions are in your mind right now, don’t be afraid. From “Pro-Inspector” team, we are sharing the best ways on how you can leverage your store reopening and help make sure your customers are safe!

As governments around the world announce their reopening plans, easing of the current restrictions will begin in progressive stages, and preparation is essential for reopening success.

Your business will not function as usual, that much is certain. And the experience you’ve gained in all the years being a retailer will matter less. Making a customer stay for long periods in your store has now become all about making the purchase as fast as possible.

To leverage your reopening, you will first need to adapt and align your customer experience with social distancing and other hygiene practices. These include:

  • Regularly sanitizing your workplace
  • Making it compulsory for customers to wear masks
  • Making disposable masks available in case customers don’t have any
  • Checking the temperature of customers at your door as they come
  • Not allowing customers to test your products
  • Closing off dressing/fitting rooms
  • Making payment cashless and hassle free

But all of this is easier said than done. The biggest obstacle to overcome during this situation is compliance. As a part of the management, the responsibility to ensure employee and customer safety resides on your shoulders. How will you make sure all the new procedures are being followed by your staff? And make sure your customers are safe? The solution is Pro-Inspector.

With Pro-Inspector’s digital checklists, any of your active staff in any of your stores can execute an inspection at any time! The results of this inspection would automatically appear in your browser. Not only this, but you can also make sure that the inspections are being done properly by validating them with geo-fencing and photographic evidence.

You’ll know exactly how many of your stores are ready to receive customers and those that aren’t ready yet. You will also know exactly what is it that is preventing you from reopening your stores. 

We’re ready to help your business throughout every stage of this reopening process. Are you ready?

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